Brothers of the Stars. Children's song

Brothers of the Stars. Children's song

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To celebrate the Day of non-violence and Peace, brings us the lyrics of the Hymn, authored by Llorenç Vidal and Andreu Bennàssar. We can educate children through the messages conveyed by this popular song.

La Paz is an essential value in the education of children. It is a quality that is not born with it, but must be taught to children from an early age. Do it with the help of this song: 'Brothers of the stars'. Here we leave you the lyrics and the music for you to sing with your children.

(Lyrics by Llorenç Vidal and music by Andreu Bennàssar)

Brothers of the stars,

from the mountains,

from sea,

of all living beings,

let's unite

to sing.

Our hands,

apprentices of love,

No differences of race,

of language or of thinking,

in a fraternal embrace,

let's join, to sing.

Our breasts

With force,

of love,

Non-violence and Peace.

Defenders of life,

without weapons to kill,

let's unite, to sing,

our breath,

messengers of love,

Non-violence and Peace.

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