Children's recycling crafts. Means of transport with cardboard

Children's recycling crafts. Means of transport with cardboard

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One of the teachings that parents can instill in our children is caring for the environment and respect for nature. With small actions we can teach our children great things. The simple fact that they learn the importance of recycling will help children to take care of our environment.

With cardboard boxes left over from shoes, purchases or anything else that they no longer use, you can make some means of transport with the children.

For children to learn to recycle, it is not only important to lead by example and separate the garbage at home, they can also understand the value of recycling by playing. With those Recycled crafts, you can make fun crafts at home with cardboard or paper that you no longer use. We give you original ideas to make cardboard crafts.

1. Make an ambulance out of a shoe box. If you have recently bought shoes and you have a spare box, you can make this ambulance with your children so that they can play at being doctors.

2. A good idea is to make a cardboard urban bus. You can use a cardboard box or pieces of cardboard that you glue together. Stick photos of children on the windows and it will be very original.

3. Another idea is to make a school bus. You will have to paint the cardboard yellow and for the wheels you can use plates.

4. Follow this example to create a toy car made from recycled cardboard, is there a cheaper toy?

5. How about making a toy of ball swallower with recycled cardboard? It will be a lot of fun to assemble the machine, paint it and ... at the end you can draw eyes to give it a nice touch.



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