Proposals for children's games for days of wind and air

Proposals for children's games for days of wind and air

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We cannot see the wind but we can feel it, it affects the climate and can be of very different types, from a gentle breeze to hurricane-force winds that destroy what they find in their path.

The wind, in short, is nothing more than the flow of air in motion, but on our site we are going to take advantage of it to carry out a series of children's games for windy and airy days.

Do you know that the wind is harnessed to create energy? Or that the windiest place on earth is Antarctica? Or even that the strongest gust of wind ever recorded was 407 kilometers per hour in Australia?

There are many curiosities about the wind but on our site we are going to make a proposal related to it: that it is not an obstacle for you to go out with the children from home. There are a lot of leisure activities that we can do on windy days. Aim:

- Make pinwheels: It is a very fun, easy and inexpensive craft to do that can look great in your window, to know if it is very windy or not very windy or to go for a run in the park and make its blades spin. And, if it's not too windy, you can always blow to make it turn. You can do it with paper or cardboard, of a single color or several. It is fun!

- Play with a kite: It is a toy that does not go out of style and is liked by children of all ages. You can only play with a kite on windy days, otherwise it will be impossible to fly it. And, the best thing is that if you don't have one, it is very easy to make it at home with the help of the children. It is a craft that will stimulate concentration, patience and creativity in children.

- Soap bubbles: If you don't have a pompero, you can make one, on our site we propose this homemade pompero with recycling material. The soap bubbles will have more travel on windy days and the children will have fun running after them to explode them with their little fingers.

- Wind mobile: As always, we recommend that you make it at home with the children, as it will be another fun activity with them. The beauty of these wind mobiles is that they are hung outside the houses and the wind causes the elements that hang from it to tinkle when it moves, whether they are shells, plates, bells or beads.

- Wind ribbons: just tie several colored ribbons to a stick and run with them to blow them away. The inexhaustible energy of children will make the tapes move, yes, it is important that they run fast to try to prevent the tapes from touching the ground.

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