The most desired toys of Christmas

The most desired toys of Christmas

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These dates are ideal to put the Christmas tree or the nativity scene, take the opportunity to spend the afternoon playing at home with the children, go skiing or sledding, go to the movies, go out to lunch or dinner with family and friends. and, also, to reserve a morning or an afternoon to do Christmas shopping.

Do you know which are the most desired toys of Christmas? The forecasts collected by the Christmas Purchase Intention Study, carried out for the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, indicate that the most requested toys at Christmas arewere electronic games, which represent 42% of the demand, followed by dolls with 33% and educational-musical with 26%. At the bottom of the list are puzzles and puzzles, which account for 19% of the demand, action figures which account for 16%, and sports games and toys, with 14%.

The study reveals that every child will receive an average of 6 toys This Christmas and almost 70% of consumers plan to anticipate purchases and make them at the beginning of December.

Although all parents like to please our children, it is important to achieve balance so that our economy does not suffer a disaster on these dates and, at the same time, our children are capable of value what they receive. Therefore, when choosing your gifts, it is important to bear in mind that the best toy is not the most expensive, nor is it the one that appears the most in television commercials. We must make an effort to reconcile their preferences with what seems to us most convenient for them, that is, with toys that encourage the child to invent new ways of playing and help them practice new skills.

And if this year, things have not gone well and we are forced to reduce a lot, it is a consolation that a excess gifts overwhelms children, makes them nervous, prevents them from enjoying them and taking advantage of each one. In any case, consider the party you celebrate at home as a special occasion to show the children your love and to remember your childhood with them. By rescuing old traditions from the past, you can transform the consumerist aspect of Christmas into unforgettable feelings and emotions.

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