Teach children to behave in public to avoid damage like this

Teach children to behave in public to avoid damage like this

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Parents know it, we cannot lose sight of the child for a single moment in a public place and, the reason, is not what you are thinking. It is not just about preventing them from getting lost or being kidnapped in a large area, it is also about preventing them from breaking, destroying, throwing and touching everything they have at their fingertips, a very common behavior in children.

It is our responsibility as parents teaching children to behave in public because, if for a moment, we pay more attention to that beautiful dress that is on the hanger, it could happen to you like the mother of this child who destroyed make-up worth 1,300 euros.

This image speaks for itself, this is how a makeup display at the Sephora store in Georgia (USA) looked after a kid thought that all those blush and shadow palettes must be great for finger painting.

Being very aware of what they do in the stores and not getting lost in looking and touching what there is is essential to avoid greater evils, this lesson has been super learned by the mother of this child who smashed make-up worth 1,300 euros ($ 1,600).

A worker at the store has posted this image on her Facebook wall to warn about the risk of leaving children unattended in shops. She herself, who is also a clerk, is a mother, that is, she is on both sides of the problem, she gives a solution: "put her hands in her pockets", that was the rule she gave her daughter once they entered a store.

And is that, many parents tend to get lost looking at clothes, furniture, accessories or food in stores. This allows children who have before them a universe full of colors and textures to touch everything they see.

And it is that, we cannot leave children alone, not for a minute, even more so in public places, supermarkets or stores where everything that is within their sight powerfully draws their attention. If you are a parent, you will have had to say eighty times that of "you look but don't touch" and even so, you will have had to remove your hand from display cabinets and objects dozens of times because the attraction of touching what they see is greater than the desire to obey.

No parents want to be immersed in that situation in which the child has thrown all the objects from a shelf and they have broken, it is one of those moments of "earth swallow me". But they do happen, and most of the time it's due to our oversight. It is therefore essential to teach children to behave in public:

- Set an example: if we are touching all the clothes, taking them off their hangers, moving objects from display cases, taking packages of cookies and leaving them somewhere else, how can we ask them not to touch anything.

- Before entering the store, we must explain to our children what we expect of them. And let's also explain what can happen if you start touching crystal glasses, stacked cans, or cologne bottles. If they are broken by misconduct, the seller will be angry and we will have to pay for it.

- If you think your child is impulsive and cannot hold the urge to play, you can either not go into stores with him or not lose sight of him for a second. Don't expect to take a one-year-old to a store and pretend to be self-controlled..

- In the event that the child does not comply with the rules, we must leave the store and tell him that he will not be able to come shopping with us until he behaves properly.

- If even so, in an oversight, the child threw something, we have to ask you to apologize personallyThis will put a huge brake on future behaviors.

- And, of course, if we have to pay what has broken, You will have to collaborate with your piggy bank to cover the expense.

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