How Christmas Candy Affects Baby Teeth

How Christmas Candy Affects Baby Teeth

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As the Christmas, nougats, polvorones and marzipans are beginning to be seen on the shelves of supermarkets, and in recent years, we have not taken the donuts and saint bones out of our heads, and we are already developing alfajores.

It's like that, sweets are part of all encounters social and on these dates it is mission impossible to avoid Christmas sweets.

But what effect do these sweets have on the baby teeth of the little ones? Here we tell you how Christmas sweets affect children's milk teeth.

All these typical sweets carry large amounts of sugar, of course. And honey, and they are sticky, and they get embedded in the teeth, and ... they are products with a high risk of cavities, that should be clear.

But if the rest of the year we have a healthy food, without processed foods, if the rest of the year we are careful not to take more than 5-6 teaspoons of sugar per day (which go into a single yogurt or a single shake, or in a single serving of cookies or in a piece of pastries or in an industrial juice), these days we can make exceptions.

- Nougat: The good thing about nougat is that they are hard products, especially that of Alicante. Eating hard foods is the best gymnastics we can do with our mouths. It is the best way for muscles work, that the muscle fibers acquire an ideal orientation, that the bones are adequately calcified, stimulate the production of saliva, that the mouth is that robust instrument for chewing. We can eat nougat, as long as we brush our mouths afterwards.

- The polvorones: Polvorones do not need to be chewed, but we can have problems with them if there is little saliva in the mouth. This happens when, for example, we use medications that decrease the amount of saliva (for example those for asthma and bronchiolitis). So if we need it we will accompany them with water. Let's eat polvorones, but Let's brush our teeth later.

- Marzipan: Marzipan is a little delight. Let's savor its texture with our tongue slowly, how it melts, let's thin out the flavor of the almond. A marzipan figurine is a delicacy that quickly transforms into indigestion if we abuse. Go ahead with the marzipan figurine, but then brush up!

- The roscón de Reyes: The roscón de Reyes will be the final touch, and be careful, the candied fruit does not count as a portion of fruit. Be careful who is surprised, that more than one has left a tooth there (which would not be healthy if it breaks with so little thing). Let's eat the roscón for dessert, or for breakfast, but not between meals. And in any case, to wash immediately afterwards.

There are a few designated days to be able to do exceptions, but let's not make the exception the norm. We cannot afford these products every day.

These are days when children do not have school, and it is an ideal occasion to do the semester check-up at the dentist. Let's first make sure that the mouth is able to cope with so much craving, that the pains always appear on December 24 at noon.

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