Tongue twisters for kids with the Letter S

Tongue twisters for kids with the Letter S

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Tongue twisters are fun Word games that can help children improve their pronunciation, language and memory.

They are a good home speech therapy so that children with speech problems can exercise the tongue and the mind, since they are not at all easy to say quickly.

Dare with the tongue twister with letter S

The succession of events

it happens successively with the succession of time.

If Samson doesn't season his sauce with salt, it comes out bland;

Samson's sauce comes out bland, if he season it without salt.

Three sad trapeze artists with three pieces of cloth

they make gruesome traps

because they climb the trapeze by rags and not by ropes.

Nobody whistles like Silvia whistles,

because if someone whistles like Silvia

it's because Silvia taught him to whistle.

If the servant does not serve you,

it does not serve you as a servant,

What use is it that you serve yourself

of a servant who does not serve?

When you step on floors count how many floors you step on,

because when you step on floors you don't know how many floors you step on.

Know that I am in awe of your amazing way of wowing,

my amazement that amazed my unconscious,

how amazed amazed my heart,

that astonishingly astonished me.

Salma is struck by the ghost with asthma.

Dirty Susana makes Sonia's sweater dirty enough.

Let's see if the sun rises in Salamanca,

Only in this way does Soledad usually go out alone.

The jealous bear is nervous because he cannot find the bear.

Nervously, the jealous bear looks for the bear.

There are bears,

after a good fight there is calm and repose,

for the bear loves the bear and the bear loves the bear.

The sardine pot took out to roast

sixty dry sardines;

sixty dried sardines,

dried alone in the sun.

Take the salt sack out in the sun to dry!

If a hundred saws saw a hundred cypresses

six hundred mountain ranges saw six hundred cypress trees.

Feeling lonely, Sergio, sitting on his sumptuous sofa, sighed, blew, splashed saliva.

He jumped suddenly. Deaf whistles sounded.

Stealthy whisper: I'm Silvia.

Hail! Sergio hissed, I will extract their secrets.

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