Your baby's first Christmas

Your baby's first Christmas

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If your baby has been born this year, surely this Christmas will be different because your baby has come to increase the family, your life has taken on a new meaning, and almost all of you now fall into your little one. good wishes and the loving glances of the whole family.

During these so special dates everything becomes colorful. Lights and gifts brighten the streets, and the arrival of a baby makes this happiness even more contagious. How is a baby's first Christmas.

It has rained years, but I still remember that at home they put my parents for christmas the image of a life-size baby Jesus in a wicker crib.

My father, the day of Good nightHe gently took my nephew, that is, his first grandson, when he was barely a month old, and placed him in the little straw cradle in the image and said:

'This year the baby Jesus has come to our house in flesh and blood' (my nephew is also called Jesus).

Was a very emotional moment for everyone and although now grandfather is no longer with us, nor is Christmas celebrated in the father's house, nor my nephew, who is already a man, remembers nothing, we can never forget my brothers and I that indelible image of Christmas Eve.

The fact that your baby is in your arms for the first time at Christmas will surely make you experience a unique feelingAs parents you will feel important for having welcomed a new life and your child will inspire you a new Christmas.

In all families we miss loved ones who have passed away, but having a new child as part of the family unit will make this lack much more bearable for us. Many people feel homesick or get depressed for Christmas, but that is practically impossible when a little 'Jesus' comes into our lives and the Christmas holidays are seen through the eyes of a child.

We can always create a special atmosphere When children or a new baby comes to join parties, the joy with which they act and enjoy the family, the illusion of the Three Kings, of Santa Claus, is enormously contagious.

It is your baby's first Christmas and, although your little one will still not be able to share your meals, or the preparations, or sing Christmas carols, or have a friendly chat, but even if your baby is very small and must continue with their sleep and feeding routines , sure will be able to realize the joy, of music, of affection and of the different faces, in addition to the usual ones, that accompany him these days; And maybe hit the tambourine with the odd blow So your little one will celebrate, as one of the family, his first Christmas.

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