Good news for children's grandmothers

Good news for children's grandmothers

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There is no better news for grandmothers than a holiday, especially when this day falls on a Tuesday or Thursday and the children's school decides to make the long-awaited "bridge". Reconciling work life with children's school calendar is not always easy for parents.

However, for grandmothers, many of whom are now retired, a "bridge" is the best news they can have. It is the opportunity they have to be alone with their grandchildren and enjoy a different and unusual day with them.

There are many ways that grandmothers and grandchildren can enjoy a "bridge." They can go shopping, walk in the sun, play in a park, watch a movie at home or at the cinema, go to an exhibition, browse through family photo albums, prepare some delicacies in the kitchen ... The truth is that we do not know who enjoys more, grandmothers or grandchildren.

In general, both grandmothers and grandchildren benefit from this situation and from this happy encounter. Parents cannot complain, for the moment they can rest assured because they surely leave their children in good company. Better than leaving them in a nursery or under the care of babysitters or caregivers.

In addition, it is much cheaper. What would become of many parents if their grandmothers did not help them take care of their grandchildren, feed them, and pick them up from school? On the other hand, it cannot be abused.

Grandmothers, as well as grandparents, are not babysitters and it must be borne in mind that they too have their own commitments and needs. They are not alone to replace parents when they need them. They are also to receive care, attention, affection and understanding. On October 17, the Grandmother's day.

Surely this day parents will not need grandmothers to take care of their children, but it is a good occasion to enrich this bond and teach children that grandmothers have great value within the family.

Congratulations to all the grandmothers! And greetings to the grandparents

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