9 crafts with egg boxes to make with kids

9 crafts with egg boxes to make with kids

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At the Halloween party there are witches, pumpkins and ghosts galore. But you can also decorate your home with this upcycled egg crate chandelier.

An easy and fun craft that you can do with your child. Following these instructions you will have your cardboard spider ready for Halloween.

If you want your children to entertain themselves, you can encourage them to decorate the cardboard egg cups with this simple craft. And what better way than to do it with this hen made of recycled egg carton.

Read step by step the instructions to make this hen with an egg cup.

One of the simplest crafts that your children can do without the help of an adult is the turtle with recycled egg cups. You will only need a cardboard and an empty egg box to form the shell.

If you want to make a little more elaborate craft, here is this entertaining recycling pirate ship. With this craft, children will learn to reuse various materials and to entertain themselves on these cold and rainy days.

Here are the instructions for creating your own egg carton pirate ship.

Teach your children to recycle egg cups with this simple children's craft. With a little acrylic paint and a box of eggs you can make this cute crocodile.

Read the instructions and follow them step by step to create your own recycled egg carton crocodile.

Crafts for children can also serve to liven up those days of school holidays when our children are bored at home. By recycling a box of eggs we can create an ecological toy like this incredible fire engine.

Here are the steps to make this fun cardboard fire engine.

This cute upcycling craft is perfect for when spring approaches. Your children will learn to reuse egg cartons and create fun ecological toys like this cute bee.

Read the instructions for making the recycled egg carton bee.

Within the wide range of children's crafts we have this puffer fish made with recycled egg cups. A simple craft for your children to entertain themselves on rainy days.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your puffer fish from recycled egg cups.

Egg cups are usually very useful for children's crafts, since cardboard is very moldable and holds acrylic paint very well. That is why we encourage you to make this fun recycling worm with your child by following the indicated instructions.


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