Reasons why a child prefers a cardboard box to the inside

Reasons why a child prefers a cardboard box to the inside

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What will thecardboard boxes that attract children so much? Some may spend whole days playing with them under the astonished gaze of their parents.

There are incomprehensible reasons why a child prefers a cardboard box, this is aunwritten universal law as real as the fact that your toast always falls to the ground on the butter side.

I remember when my daughters were little and it was their birthday. All my family members appeared at the door with great enthusiasm with a carefully chosen gift in their hands, after having their brains sliced ​​on thetoy store.

And, my daughters appeared there, excited with so much package. But his greatest entertainment wasshred the colored paper of the packaging and, when they had left it shattered, they looked at us as if to say "I have finished playing"; they always had to be reminded that after "that wonderful wrapping paper" more surprises awaited them, they had to open the gift! With great excitement they took the toy out of the box, carefully set it aside, andthey started playing with the box to the amazement of our family and friends and great haste on our part to see that the girls were more excited about the box than the inside.

Surely it has happened to you too!

That's right, a box for a child is auniverse of open possibilities, and we endeavor to blur free play with a toy that has a specific objective. However, what better gift than a box? It can be a drum, a car, a house, a television, a computer, a place to paint, something to cut out ...Why put limits on your creativity?

The reasons a child prefers a cardboard box that a toy is mainly due to its open mind and its innate ability to explore the unknown. Free play is usually more constructive and interesting for a child than directed play. Their curiosity leads them to investigate and learn for themselvesThis is how they activate their imagination, complete their learning and improve their coordination. Why choose a limited toy when with a piece of cardboard they can invent thousands of games?

Other reasons for children to play with cardboard boxes:

- A cardboard box isthe first thing he finds when opening the wrapping paper and they usually have very striking colors.

- Because the childnot stereotypedLike us, that the box is to wrap and protect the gift, therefore when it is very small, it does not see the difference between the box and the gift itself, for him everything is part of the same.

- Because it has more to investigate than the toy itself.

- Because the toy offers only one specific objective of the game, while the boxunleash the imagination.

- Because the papers and the packaging box usually make more noise than the toy itself, and that is like a magnet for your senses.

So the next time you decide to buy a toy for your child, do not think about it so much and you have two options: give him a stick or a cardboard box, or choose the toy by its packaging, so you will open the doors of imagination and you won't have to spend the afternoon choosing the ideal gift.

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