How to avoid accidents due to loss of balance in pregnancy

How to avoid accidents due to loss of balance in pregnancy

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From the sixth month of pregnancy, a woman's body changes every day and reaches proportions that increase her insecurity and alter her balance. Many women feel compelled to change their habits for be altered its center of gravity.

It is normal for her to feel more clumsy and with more difficulty walking, stooping, climbing stairs, and doing other movements, in short, loss of balance in pregnancy is common. However, the body is wise and the woman's spine will adapt perfectly to those situations.

As the baby grows and gains weight in its mother's womb, the belly of the future mother is forcing her to lean forward. That causes your spine to acquire an arc shape.

In the event that the woman already has a spinal problem, this stage of pregnancy may be harder and more difficult for her, and she will have to take more rest than the others, or pick up massages to relieve pain.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, it is very common for women to feel clumsy and uncomfortableNot only because she has gained weight or that her belly has increased, but also because her joints are not as firm and strong due to the pregnancy hormones, and that she is not as physically balanced as before.

At this stage, it is very important that she takes some care to avoid a loss of balance in pregnancy that causes accidents that can hurt her and her baby.

Accidents do not select a place or date, but they can be avoided with some precautions. A bad fall or a trip in the street or at home, can represent a danger for the future mother and her baby. Although the baby is well protected by the amniotic fluid and the bones of the mother's pelvis, it is necessary to avoid any type of accident.

The lack of coordination, very common in the last months of pregnancy, can play a trick on the mother. To avoid an accident in the final stretch of your pregnancy, it is important that she follows some recommendations. Among the care or precautions that the pregnant woman should have, specialists advise:

1. Avoid walking on slippery, wet or steep surfaces.

2. Avoid climbing chairs, stairs, or stools.

3. Avoid leaning too far forward to pick things up off the ground.

4. Avoid carrying or carrying a lot of weight.

5. Avoid carrying or carrying large packages that prevent you from seeing where you are walking.

6. Avoid going down stairs. Falls from stairs are the most common among pregnant women.

7. Avoid heels. Apart from causing poor circulation, they can further alter the balance of the pregnant woman.

8. Avoid slipping at bath time. Put non-slip rubber mats on the floor of the shower or bathtub.

9. Avoid racing. You have to get up and walk carefully.

10. Avoid dancing in crowded places.

Important: If in addition to lack of balance, you feel dizzy, headache or blurred vision, see your doctor. The same, if you fall and hit your belly. Prevention is better than cure.

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