The snake Debra. A children's story about the pleasure of reading

The snake Debra. A children's story about the pleasure of reading

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Getting children passionate about reading is one of the challenges that parents have. How about doing it through what happens to La Culebra Debra? A beautiful children's story about the pleasure of reading.

This short story for children tells the story of a snake that learns to read so that it can feel a little bit happier every day. An original story to read with our children.

At the foot of a rock, the snake Debra was basking in the sun, half sleepy and enchanted with life. He heard voices and saw children go by on a dirt road in the distance with heavy backpacks and observed that one of them dropped something on the ground.

Debra, who was very gluttonous, crawled up there and, without even looking at what it was about, swallowed it in a single bite. When night came he had an excruciating stomach ache and began to writhe and slowly vomit what he had swallowed.

A large ball of paper with colored ink letters came out of her mouth, she looked at it very surprised, she stretched it out as far as she could, crushing it with her body on the ground, and she fell asleep from so much effort. That night he dreamed a beautiful story and, the next morning, he woke up in a good mood without knowing why.

In the middle of the afternoon, two old men passed by chatting amicably, one of them dragged the small wrinkled book with his cane trying to stretch it further and, without noticing the presence of the snake, shouted to the other a little deaf: "The planet of Halacer" It must be an old story and, leaving the book on the ground, they continued on their way.

Curiosity to know what that story said made the snake Debra put the book in the trunk of a tree and decide to go to the classes that, as she heard an owl say, a wise rabbit gave to teach the forest animals to read .

Every day Debra approached the log, took the book out of its hiding place, ran the pages carefully with her tongue, and looked at it curiously. Little by little he learned the letters, then the words, then he learned to form the sentences and, the desire he had to read that story was so great that, one day almost without realizing it, he began to understand what he put in the story that he swallowed and, he liked the story so much, so much that he read that it was the happiest snake in the world.

Debra learned the lesson of not swallowing everything without thinking about the consequences and, moreover, thanks to her curiosity, she learned to read discovering what that beautiful story said and many others that she would later tell to all her friends in the forest.

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