Activities with children for very hot days

Activities with children for very hot days

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The heat arrives and it seems that the children are revolutionized. They are almost finishing the course, on the verge of exhaustion after a long school year, and, like us, they only have in mind to go on vacation.

Making plans during those days is essential if we do not want our children to spend the day sweating bored and lying on the sofa at home; But not all plans are valid, some can be devastating when the heat is on. These activities with children are ideal for very hot days.

Forget about walking or riding your bike until sunset, zoos or amusement parks are not a good option, and the city is a real pressure cooker, so you should make plans early in the day or late in the morning. , if possible, in the field. Ah! And don't forget to bring a bottle of water if you don't want to die of dehydration.

Here are some ideas to do with the children when the heat becomes unbearable.

1- If you live somewhere near the beach you have it very easy. There is nothing better than enjoy the sea, the sand, and the sea breeze, but you already know that you will have to carry the umbrella, sunscreen, a hat, and a cool snack. Avoid the sun from 12 to 6 in the afternoon.

2- For those who live indoors there are other options to get soaked; the best the pools, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and natural pools, as long as they are suitable for the bathroom and with safety conditions. In addition, the environment is well worth doing a small route on foot first thing in the morning, the effort will be rewarded with a bath in the middle of nature. If your children get bored of bathing, you can always do water sports with them, a basket in the water or a few simple paddles will keep them entertained for a long time.

3- The Waterparks they are excellent plans when we have the whole day ahead of us. Tired but fun.

4- You can get together with a few of your child's friends and make a water balloon fight in the parkOr let them jump in the garden sprinklers or hose them down - sometimes those spur-of-the-moment plans are much more fun than spending the afternoon at the pool.

5- Museums, workshops and libraries with air conditioning. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh air during a hot morning while you watch an exhibition or your children do workshops.

6- Outdoor cinema. Although cinemas in conventional theaters are a good option to get rid of the heat by air conditioning, nighttime outdoor cinemas are more fun. You can take a sandwich and enjoy the movie in the light of the stars.

7- Family concerts. It's vacation, it doesn't matter that from time to time we go to bed late, so take the opportunity to listen to a singer that the whole family likes.

8- Flee from the city to the mountains. The mountains will always provide you with an alternative to the muggy heat of the city, and you will also enjoy magnificent views.

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