The fish want to sing. Funny poem for kids

The fish want to sing. Funny poem for kids

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If you think of children's songs, which ones come to mind? Maybe I have a doll dressed in blue, Where are the keys or I have a dairy cow.

And, what do you think if we put all these songs in a bag, move it a little and shake it ... Tachán! Comes out: Fish want to sing, a funny poem for children created by Marisa Alonso Santamaría in which in a very original way he gives a twist to the usual songs. They are children's songs sung by the most popular inhabitants of the sea.

The fish want to sing, mixing small stanzas of traditional children's songs sung by different sea animals. A poem for children and adults with which you will have a great time.

Where are the keys?,

Let's sing!,

Shouted the fish,

under the sea.

The grouper spoke first.

pretty girls

they don't pay money.

dressed in blue,

Sang the hake.

with a yoke.

Said the sardine,

What's behind that broom?

the five little wolves

who has a she-wolf.

Sang the shark.

it is the most salty,

Oh, tolón tolón!

With cape and hat

sang the frog,

The sea bass sang.

Under water.


- sang the golden -

And the gray horse?

goes to the step and to the trot

all over Madrid.

And what is aserrán?

just like sawdust,

They all chanted.

and the dolphin sang.

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