7 reasons for your child to remove their shoes when entering the house

7 reasons for your child to remove their shoes when entering the house

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Do you know how many germs it can bring into your home the soles of the shoes? More than 420,000!

We now understand why in many cultures, removing your shoes before entering the home is almost as important as saying hello or washing your hands before eating. Something innate that children learn from a very young age. Far from being a mere cultural tradition, this gesture has a lot to do with health.

1. According to a study carried out at the University of Arizona (USA), 96% of shoe soles carry more than 400,000 different bacteria.

2. Among the bacteria attached to the sole of a shoe, there are some capable of causing urinary tract or respiratory diseases. Bacteria such as Hlepsiella pneumoniae or Serratia ficaria.

3. One of the most dangerous bacteria that you can get at home through shoes is the E. coli bacteria, causing numerous digestive problems. How does E.coli bacteria, found in the intestines of animals such as cows, get to the sole of the shoe? It's clear ... just step on ... a poop. The bacteria it is also present on the floor of public bathrooms. The floor of a public bathroom has 40,000 times more bacteria than the toilet.

4. You will think that the bacteria on the soles of the shoe are precisely there, in the shoe. Why is it going to be dangerous? The study reveals that 96% of these bacteria are transferred from the sole of the shoe to the floor of your home.

5. In addition to bacteria, shoe soles make the house dirty more quickly. The footwear brings dust and mud from the street. We may not realize it. Logical. Normally we are not looking at what our sole is dragging.

6. As if bacteria and dirt weren't enough ... among the 'companions' of our soles are also numerous toxins, for example, those that come from pesticides. These are also very harmful to health.

7. The shoes should also be aired, and the feet, rest. There is nothing better for your children's feet than letting them walk around the house barefoot.

Now you will understand why it is important to teach children hygiene guidelines like these. Not just brushing your teeth three times a day or washing your hands thoroughly before eating. The soles of the shoes (and not just the shoe itself) should be cleaned well every day. How? It is best to use a cloth soaked in soapy water.

In the case of canvas shoes, you already know that you can put them in the washing machine from time to time. What to do so that they do not shrink? Make a ball with a plastic bag and put it inside the shoe to shape it.

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