Songs to connect with your baby

Songs to connect with your baby

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When I was in college, I couldn't imagine myself singing a lullaby to my baby, probably because I listened to other types of music. But, of course, not that I could foresee is that I would invent a lullaby for him. That song came up suddenly, it was articulated in my throat and it was weaved as I snuggled my baby, looked at him, smiled at me, I saw him at ease and more and more comforted in my arms.

At first, it had no lyrics, it was just a melody, a musical rhythm, which without words passed from the verse to the chorus and then repeated itself. Over time it took shape and I ended up using it as a resource for difficult moments in which I noticed that my baby was really uncomfortable because they had given the vaccines that day, he was ill or so tired and excited at the same time, as he used to happen on the day of his birthday, he couldn't easily fall asleep.

That music worked for me as if it were a talisman capable of calming and relaxing my son. It became the best antidote to nervousness, stress, aches and pains, and the best medicine to bring peace and calm to my baby. And is that music is one of the best channels to connect with our baby, even before it is born.

Different studies have shown the power that music has on future newborns, since babies can remember the melodies they have heard inside the womb, at least during the first year, and associate the melody with a period of peace and tranquility .

From the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby is able to hear and, for this reason, can easily recognize the mother's tone of voice and the musicality of her voice. This familiar sound acts for him as a reference of peace and tranquility, which we must take advantage of from pregnancy, dedicating a moment of the day to listen to soft music and hum the songs or sing them to take advantage of the communicative potential that music offers us. In this way, the baby will perceive our mood.

I am convinced that mothers have a sixth sense for difficult situations with children and we do a bit of magic when it comes to redirecting situations or facing problems with our baby. That special emotional bond that is created between mother and child is what makes many people wonder, how do you do it? What's your secret? Feed your secret, music helps you.

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