Children who won't stop singing, whistling, or making noise

Children who won't stop singing, whistling, or making noise

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Children are by nature restless, curious, moved ... especially when they are very young, and that is a good sign. It means that they develop normally and there is nothing to worry about. There are children more restless than others, but generally, where there are children, there is noise.

But, Is it normal for a child not to stop humming, whistling or making noises?

In principle, there is nothing unusual about these behaviors, although they can make us very nervous, the degree of tolerance of the parents is important to assess whether or not something else is hidden behind these behaviors. It is important to assess the "amount of noise" the child makes, at what times, its intensity and in general, what the child is like and how old it is., since a 3-year-old child is not the same as a 7-year-old.

If he is generally a calm child, who hums, whistles or makes noise, it is within normality. Children sing while they play, talk "alone", whistle (they love it when they have learned to do it) ... and there is nothing to worry about.

Movement and activity in children implies vitality and helps children to relieve tension and express what they feel and what happens to them when they do not have other means and psychological resources for it.

You have to differentiate this from when a child, in addition to singing, talking, whistling or making noise, is, in general, a restless child, they do not focus on games, goes from one activity to another, fondles everything, is agitated, etc ... Then we can say that those little noises that make us so nervous are perhaps the sign of something else, and we find ourselves before an impulsive, restless child , with attention difficulties, hyperactive or that simply wants to get our attention. Therefore, it will be necessary to consult a specialist who assesses the child as a whole and determines whether or not there is something to worry about.

You always have to take this with caution since it will depend on the child's age, his character, the environment that surrounds him, or the moments or activities that he is doing and it must always be taken into account that it does not interfere with his normal activity .

So, in order to answer the question why doesn't my child stop singing, whistling, talking or making noises? we cannot give a single and resounding answer, the child must be valued as a whole, (age, character, environment, situations in which it occurs) and the parents, stress, character, demands, etc ...) and always and when in doubt, consult a childhood professional, who will be the one who can give us an accurate and effective answer.

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